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   You race throughout the halls of a Labyrinth large enough to be trapped forever. But, you were lead to the center by a smell. What was this smell you might ask? It was the smell of cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with a sugary frosting.
   Why were you in this labyrinth? Well, you had to go save your little brother, Peter. He was kidnapped by, well, the Goblin King. He wanted you to enter his Labyrinth, and the only way you would've if it was by force to save your little brother.
    You arrived at the center of the maze. You saw your brother, being held standing by firmly rooted vines, that were slowly climbing up his face. "(y/n)! Be Careful!" he yelled in warning. You ran up the arced staircase to reach your brother, but you were stopped by a man standing in front of you.
   He has pinkish blond hair, some of it in spikes pointing in random directions. His eyes were a pale shade of sky blue with pink swirled in the midst. His Skin was pale and he donned a pair of khaki trousers, a purple dress shirt, a pink sweater vest, a neon blue bow tie, and brown loathers. On his head, a gold, pink, and blue crown rested. "Hello, Poppet." he greeted. "Give Me Back My Brother." you simply declared.
   "You know, (y/n). It's not very nice to roar out demands. We have just met after all. But, I can let that slide. I may let you go if you let me have what I want." he told you. "What do you want?" you asked, now terrified of the king. He laughed. "All I want, is for you to take a bite of the cupcake and become my bride." he ordered.
    "What?" you asked. You looked over to Peter, the vines climbing up, already at his chest. "Poppet, the more you stall, the closer little Peter is to death. One Bite is all I need, Poppet." he told you. You turned your head so fast you could've gotten whiplash. "The Second You release Peter, I'll eat your cupcake." you declared.
    "I'm sorry, Poppet. I don't trust you yet. Take a bite of the cupcake first. If You stay, maybe Peter can be our Prince!" he told you wrong. You shook your head. Peter screamed in pain as the vines rose to his face. You ran to him, but the king held you by your arms.
    "Poppet, You will eat this cake or I will speed his death even more!" he yelled. "Peter!" you screamed. You squirmed under his touch. He forced the cake into your screaming mouth. He pinched your nose to make you swallow. The Vines disappeared and Peter fell to the ground, you ran to his side. But, the king followed you slowly.
     "Why did you do this? I did nothing to deserve this pain of seeing a brother hurt, now why am I so important?" you yelled at the king, standing. He walked closer to you, until he was inches away. He wanted to comfort you, but you began putting your fists to his chest, until he grabbed your wrists and forced you to stop.
      "That cupcake made you forever more attached to me. You are unable to leave the Labyrinth without my consent and you are now my queen, dear (y/n). I only want you to be happy by my side." he explained. He put both of your wrists into his hand and grabbed something from his pocket. It was a tiara, covered in blue and pink jewels. It was extremely similar to the crown, but it was going to be yours. He placed it on your head. "Now, You're Mine." he simply said.
     The Room started to spin, and you fell into his arms, unconscious. The Wicked King smiled and carried you off. He sent Peter home, and you were know stuck forever with the evil King of the Goblins.
OMG. If you saw Labyrinth, this has a slightly different ending. I can't believe I have already done 2 and their both 2p or dark. I need to change this up........
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nibbles7192 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
I've seen labyrinth more times then I can count! I'm a huge fan and I'm also a huge fan of Hetalia as well as the 2p Hetalia! This is just.. Oh my, words cannot express my feelings.. 
LadyoftheMist101 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013

OH GOODIE GUMDROPS! I love this! Love The Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies! And crossing over Hetalia...:FeelingFree: 

You are Awesome! (Prussia Approved!) :highfive: remake 


granbygirl8584 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer

thanks! this is actually my first reader insert that I wrote, but I posted it second~


LadyoftheMist101 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
No Problem!
BlackRose0602 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
OMG! Labyrinth hetalia! BEST DAY EVER!
Z0MGedELR1C Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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